Discover our 2024 Tour Films

From nomadic tribes in Mongolia to fearless surfers in Ireland and wingsuit BASE jumping in New Zealand.

Each venue will have a bespoke programme of films chosen from the selection below.



Bring the Salmon Home captures the emotions, courage, and determination of Klamath River tribal communities as they host a 300+ mile run from ocean to headwaters to cultivate support for the biggest river restoration project in history – the removal of four Klamath River dams. The Klamath Salmon Run began in 2003, a year after dams, diversions, and drought led to a traumatizing fish kill that littered the banks of the Klamath with dead salmon for miles. Now, a historic drought grips the basin further stressing communities and fisheries.Started by local youth, the event has become an important way for the many small communities along this remote river in far northern California to find solidarity in the struggle to protect their salmon and their way of life. With regulators poised to approve dam removal plans later this year, runners are now racing into a future of hope and optimism.


Hannah Barnes shares an inside look at her home life, as well as her candid thoughts on motherhood, the importance of presence, her love and history with mountain bikes, and fostering a love for the outdoors in the next generation of little riders.


Flow features The Trailrippers - Nathan and Ruben de Vaux - two mountain biking brothers from the Dyfi Valley in Mid Wales who are already making their mark on the British MTB scene. Riding and racing mean everything to Nathan and Ruben and this short film tells their family story with the help of their Mum, Ina. Together, they tell us how they first got into riding and then racing and the benefits and challenges that neurodivergence brings to their riding and how riding bikes helps them regulate their lives.


Using beautiful animation, Soundscape shares the sightless experience of climbing a mountain featuring Erik Weihenmayer as he ascends a massive alpine rock face deep in the Sierra Nevada.


Despite varying levels of experience, a fearless crew of six women venture into the wild and embark on their first mountaineering expedition in the Bugaboos. Together, they redefine the conventional mountaineering narrative, embodying the timeless African philosophy of Ubuntu.


In 2022, Rab athlete Krister Kopala dedicated his season to riding some of the most unforgiving lines on Jiehkkevárri, the highest and arguably most remote mountain in Norway's Lyngen Alps.

With its 1100 vertical metres of rock, ice, snow and no fall zones, the massive South Face was by far the most intimidating line of them all.

'The White Giant', documents Krister’s journey on this impressive mountain and his project to ride the steepest lines of his life.


To celebrate the adventurous life of her late Uncle Clive, Ashley takes a leap of faith and learns to fly. A decade after his death, Ashley takes off on an emotional journey of reconnection. Following in her Uncle’s larger-than-life footsteps, she wants to do one of the things he loved most, fly like a bird. Can his memory instil Ashley with the courage she needs to reignite her zest for life, and understand his?

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